Welcome to the General Cargo Classroom:

Coordinator: Mr Andrew Robins, Director, Customer Service, WCAworld

The first course we will run is the “Fundamentals of Freight Forwarding”, which is being tested at this time. It was built in cooperation with the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA). The Fundamentals of Freight Forwarding is a stand-alone course in which you can decide when to take it and has a time limit of four months to complete. We hope to launch this within a few weeks, but you will see a small teaser on the site for now.

Another course we offer in a virtual classroom is the "Anti-Bribery and Corruption Certificated Training". This course's dates are broadcast to the members and shown in the WCAworld Academy.

As a member, you can follow as we build up the WCAworld Academy to be a very credible area for your staff to become better educated and aware of potential pitfalls and opportunities to help your company.

We also send broadcasts to you the members when we see unusual patterns of behaviour. We like to highlight any areas we see, which can cause possible harm to our members and their customers.

Below is an example of these broadcasts with their topics which are worth a read, and we will offer training in this area under the perils of freight forwarding.

To join the WCAworld Academy, you must be a WCA, Lognet, GAA, or EGLN, network member. Please sign in under your company login used to enter your WCAworld network. Here you will then be able to register your full name and personal company email. Please use your proper full name, as this will appear on any courses you have taken across the Academy that issues Certificates or Diplomas. Please advise others in your company to join the WCAworld Academy to learn more about, General Cargo.

We all look forward to being of assistance.

Mr Andrew Robins
E: arobins@wcaworld.com

Please register and advise others in your company to join the WCAworld Academy to learn about, General Cargo.

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